"Hillary Forever" Print by Carmen Winant - Planned Parenthood

"Hillary Forever" Print by Carmen Winant - Planned Parenthood


After her 2016 exhibit "Pictures of Women Working," artist Carmen Winant fixed her lens on the iconic HRC, showing the myriad ways print media portrayed her candidacy during the 2016 election.

In the months leading up to November 8, Winant clipped pictures of Hillz from newspapers and affixed them to her studio wall, then photographed that collage. The resulting work, "Hillary Forever," not only captures an historic moment but also helps women's health -- all proceeds from the sale of this print benefit Planned Parenthood.

Perfect for the HRC-devotee, feminist, art lover, armchair activist, or media watchdog in your life. 

  • Digital photo print

  • 16x20"

  • Official sticker on the back includes the artist's signature

  • Ships in a tube

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