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Emaani Thompson

Being a mixed African-American female and growing up Muslim in the modern world, I straddle the borders of my faith and the material world. This is a "typical" story, but life can be difficult when you're battling your inner self as well as life outside yourself. I feel like Hillz because I am resilient, I am not phased by my obstacles, and I want to set an example for other young women. You don't have to be labelled and put in a box just because of who you are or the group you represent. At the end of the day, its about you representing you.


Kaamil Jones

I'm with Hillary because she's been fighting for kids and education so long! Kids are the future of America and education is what drives this country to be as great as it can be.


Amanda Frew

I feel like Hillz when I think about the nation my grandmothers wanted, and the nation my granddaughters deserve. 

Stephanie Newman

I feel like Hillz when I imagine opening a history book in the future and seeing a woman's face in our lineage of presidents.