(prior to the 2016 election i.e. The Before Time)

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I Feel Like Hillz is a movement built from crowd-sourced stories, curated merch, and street art. We champion Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. Obviously.

When we see a tweet about Hillary’s “likeability,” we remember the time our boss told us we were “too serious.” When we watched her speak at the DNC, we got all misty thinking about the little girls who were also watching, and learning that anything is possible.

 I Feel Like Hillz sets out to tell Hillary’s story through our own. How do you feel like Hillz? is our central question. Supporters from across the country send personal anecdotes, snatches of insight, and irreverent musings that capture how they relate to Hillary. For us, that can be as simple as “we’re tired of people telling us to smile.”

 We also sell pretty rad shirts. To start, we plucked a defining Hillary quote from the past, changed the context, and made it relevant for a new generation. We suppose we could have stayed home and baked cookies, though.

Oh, and also: yes, we’re huge fans of Kanye, and yes, I Feel Like Hillz is a reference to I Feel Like Pablo. We hope that people will be as excited to vote for our first female president as they are to buy Kanye's merch. 

 Want to join us? Share your story. Shop our stuff. Feel like Hillz.